How to Install Webmin/Virtualmin on Ubuntu 20.04


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Webmin/Virtualmin Installation on Ubuntu 20.04

Webmin is a web-based system administration tool that allows users to manage various aspects of their server through a graphical interface. Virtualmin, on the other hand, is a web hosting control panel based on Webmin that enables easy management of virtual domains, email accounts, databases, and more.

To install Webmin/Virtualmin on Ubuntu 20.04, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect to your server via SSH by running the command:
    ssh username@server_ip_address
  2. Update the package repositories by running:
    sudo apt update
  3. Install Webmin's dependencies by running:
    sudo apt install software-properties-common apt-transport-https
  4. Add the Webmin GPG key by running:
    wget -qO- http://www.webmin.com/jcameron-key.asc | sudo apt-key add -
  5. Add the Webmin repository to the system sources list by running:
    sudo add-apt-repository "deb [arch=amd64] http://download.webmin.com/download/repository sarge contrib"
  6. Update the package repositories again by running:
    sudo apt update
  7. Finally, install Webmin/Virtualmin by running:
    sudo apt install webmin

After the installation completes, you should be able to access Webmin/Virtualmin by opening a web browser and entering your server's IP address followed by port 10000 (e.g., https://your_server_ip_address:10000). Make sure to replace your_server_ip_address with the actual IP address of your server.

Upon accessing Webmin/Virtualmin for the first time, you will need to log in using your system's root credentials. Once logged in, you can start managing your server and setting up virtual domains using the intuitive web-based UI provided by Webmin/Virtualmin.

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