Powerful Performance, Perfect Environment:
CloudBolt Bare Metal Servers

- Full control on your infrastructure with bare metal
-High-speed networking with 10 Gbps
- Bare metal servers offer enhanced security and isolation

You will able to access your bare metal in minutes after deploying

Simple enough for any user, powerful enough for fast-growing businesses

-High Performance and Efficient Resource Utilization
-Better Compliance and Workload Isolation
- 24/7 customer service is always ready to help you

Build your own environment with Bare Metal solutions

You can access high performance, control, security, and high speed networking making them an excellent choice for applications that require dedicated resources and optimal performance without the constraints of virtualized environments with deploying bare metal in seconds.

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Easily deploy your favorite applications in minutes.

Secure cloud storage and collaboration platform for easy data access and sharing.
The all-in-one DevOps platform for efficient and collaborative software development.
The powerful and reliable open-source database management system.
The high-performance web server and reverse proxy server for modern infrastructure.
The user-friendly web hosting control panel for effortless website management.
The comprehensive web hosting control panel for streamlined website administration and management.
WordPress is a popular open-source platform for creating and managing websites and blogs.
OpenVPN: Secure open-source VPN.

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