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Instant Cloud Deployment
Instant Cloud Compute Deployment
Experience seamless and effortless provisioning of cloud servers with our Lightning Setup feature. This powers you to launch and configure your cloud servers within seconds, eliminating the need for hours of manual setup.
Affordable cloud server
Elevate your profitability by securing consistent and foreseeable cloud expenditure.
Optimize profitability by utulizing our cloud expense management solution. Ensure cost predictability and control by leveraging insights, monitoring capabilities, and optimization tools built into to your cloud infrastructure.
Customer Experience
Improve UX by building on a reliable platform
Enhance your customer experience by leveraging our robust and dependable platform, empowering you to build and deliver reliable solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations.
Quick Support
Reduce your roadblocks with dedicated support
Overcome obstacles seamlessly with our dedicated support services, providing you with expert assistance and guidance to quickly resolve issues and ensure a smooth and uninterrupted cloud experience.
Nesva Cloud

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Simple Pricing For Stress Free Scale

You need to focus on your project, so we keep our pricing simple and easy. Scale up or down your services at any time and focus on your project.

Nesva Cloud

Cloud Compute

Starting at $5 per Month

Fully automated affordable Solutions on Virtulaized Layer

  • Scalable Performance
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Reliable Infrastructure
Nesva Cloud

Bare Metal

Starting at $59 per Month

Fully automated dedicated servers with zero virtualization layer.

  • High Performance
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Full Control

Your Favorite Operating Systems

Enjoy deploying your favorite OS in a couple of seconds.

Full Access Marketplace

Easily deploy your favorite applications in minutes.

Secure cloud storage and collaboration platform for easy data access and sharing.
The all-in-one DevOps platform for efficient and collaborative software development.
The powerful and reliable open-source database management system.
The high-performance web server and reverse proxy server for modern infrastructure.
The user-friendly web hosting control panel for effortless website management.
The comprehensive web hosting control panel for streamlined website administration and management.
WordPress is a popular open-source platform for creating and managing websites and blogs.
OpenVPN: Secure open-source VPN.

Deploy in minutes
Scale even faster

Explore a wide array of your favorite libraries and operating systems. Discover why our platform is trusted by thousands of professionals and developers worldwide. With access to the latest apps and seamless deployment, you can rapidly scale your business, driving increased margins.

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