How to Install Webmin on CentOS 7


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Webmin is a web-based system administration tool that allows you to manage various aspects of your CentOS server through a graphical user interface (GUI). With Webmin, you can easily perform administrative tasks such as user account management, package installation, server configuration, file management, and much more, all without having to use the command line. To install Webmin on CentOS 7, follow the steps below: 1. Connect to your CentOS server via SSH using a terminal application or PuTTY. 2. Run the following command to download the Webmin repository: ```html

  wget http://www.webmin.com/download/rpm/webmin-current.rpm  
``` 3. Once the download is complete, use the following command to install the Webmin package: ```html
  sudo rpm -Uvh webmin-current.rpm  
``` 4. During the installation, all required dependencies will be automatically resolved and installed. 5. After the installation is complete, you can access the Webmin web interface by opening a web browser and entering the following URL: ```html
``` Make sure to replace "your_server_ip" with the IP address or domain name of your CentOS server. 6. You may encounter a warning about the SSL certificate being self-signed. Ignore the warning and proceed to the login page. 7. On the login page, enter the username "root" and the root password of your CentOS server, then click the "Sign In" button. 8. You should now be logged in and have access to the Webmin dashboard, where you can start managing your CentOS server. Webmin provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies server administration tasks, making it easier for both beginners and experienced system administrators to manage and configure their CentOS servers.

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