How to Install vsftpd on Ubuntu 20.04


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Installing vsftpd on Ubuntu 20.04

vsftpd, which stands for "very secure FTP daemon," is an FTP server software for Unix-like systems. It is known for its focus on security and it is widely used as a standard FTP server in various Linux distributions.

Here is a step-by-step guide to installing vsftpd on Ubuntu 20.04:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install vsftpd
sudo systemctl start vsftpd
sudo nano /etc/vsftpd.conf
sudo systemctl restart vsftpd
  1. Open a terminal on your Ubuntu 20.04 system.
  2. Update the system package list by running the following command:
  3. Install vsftpd by running the following command:
  4. Once the installation is complete, you can start the vsftpd service using the following command:
  5. By default, anonymous access is enabled in vsftpd. If you want to allow anonymous users to access your FTP server, you can skip to the next step. Otherwise, if you want to disable anonymous access, open the vsftpd configuration file using a text editor, such as Nano:
  6. In the configuration file, locate the line that says "anonymous_enable=YES" and change it to "anonymous_enable=NO".
  7. Save the file and exit the text editor.
  8. Restart the vsftpd service for the changes to take effect:

Congratulations! You have successfully installed vsftpd on your Ubuntu 20.04 system. You can now connect to your FTP server using an FTP client and start managing your files.

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