How to Install Pure-FTPd on Ubuntu 22.04


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Installing Pure-FTPd on Ubuntu 22.04

Pure-FTPd is a widely-used FTP server software that runs on various Unix-like operating systems. It offers a secure, efficient, and versatile FTP server solution for managing file transfers.

Installation Steps

To install Pure-FTPd on Ubuntu 22.04, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open a terminal.
  2. Update the package repository by running the following command:
sudo apt update
  1. Install the Pure-FTPd package:
sudo apt install pure-ftpd
  1. During the installation process, you'll be prompted to configure Pure-FTPd. You can choose either the "standalone" or "inetd" mode. The standalone mode is recommended for most cases, so select it and proceed with the installation.


Once Pure-FTPd is installed, you can configure it by editing the configuration files located in the /etc/pure-ftpd/conf/ directory. Here are some common configuration options:

  • MinUID: Specifies the minimum UID allowed for users to log in.
  • MaxClientsNumber: Limits the maximum number of simultaneous connections.
  • ForcePassiveIP: Sets the IP address to be used for passive mode connections.
  • ChrootEveryone: Determines whether users should be chrooted to their home directories.

After making any changes to the configuration files, restart the Pure-FTPd service for the modifications to take effect:

sudo service pure-ftpd restart

Managing Users and Permissions

To create FTP user accounts and manage permissions, you can use the pure-pw command-line tool. Here are some examples of common commands:

  • Create a new user:
sudo pure-pw useradd  -u  -g  -d 
  • Delete a user:
sudo pure-pw userdel 
  • List all users:
sudo pure-pw list

Remember to update the virtual user database after making any modifications:

sudo pure-pw mkdb


Pure-FTPd is a powerful FTP server software that is easy to install and configure on Ubuntu 22.04. With its extensive features and flexibility, it provides a reliable solution for managing file transfers securely.

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