How to Install ProFTPD on CentOS 8


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Installing ProFTPD on CentOS 8

ProFTPD is a highly configurable and secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server software. It allows users to easily transfer files to and from a server over a network. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to install ProFTPD on CentOS 8:

sudo dnf update -y
sudo dnf install -y proftpd
sudo systemctl start proftpd
sudo systemctl enable proftpd
sudo nano /etc/proftpd.conf
#DefaultRoot ~

Uncomment the line by removing the '#' character at the beginning, and change the tilde (~) to the directory path you want to set as the default root for ProFTPD. For example:

DefaultRoot /var/ftp

This will set the default root directory to /var/ftp. Save the changes and exit the text editor.

sudo systemctl restart proftpd
  1. First, make sure your CentOS 8 system is up to date by running the following command in the terminal:
  2. Next, install the ProFTPD package by running the following command:
  3. After the installation is complete, start the ProFTPD service and enable it to start on boot by running the following commands:
  4. By default, ProFTPD uses anonymous access and allows anyone to retrieve files without authentication. You can modify the configuration to enforce user authentication and enhance security. The main configuration file is located at /etc/proftpd.conf. Open this file using a text editor:
  5. Look for the following line:
  6. Restart the ProFTPD service to apply the new configuration:
  7. You can now connect to your ProFTPD server using an FTP client. Use the server's IP address, username, and password to establish a connection.

ProFTPD provides a powerful and secure way to transfer files over a network. By default, it allows both FTP and FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS) connections. Make sure to further secure your server by implementing additional security measures such as strong passwords and firewall rules.

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