How to Install Plesk on CentOS 7


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Installing Plesk on CentOS 7

Plesk is a comprehensive web hosting control panel that enables users to manage their websites, applications, and servers easily. With Plesk, you can easily deploy, configure, and manage your websites, email accounts, databases, and much more.

Step 1: Prerequisites

Before installing Plesk, make sure you have the following:

  • A fresh CentOS 7 server with root access
  • A minimum of 2GB RAM
  • At least 10GB of free disk space
  • A static IP address
  • Registered hostname

Step 2: Update the System

It is recommended to update your server before installing Plesk. Run the following command to update the system:

sudo yum update -y

Step 3: Download the Plesk Installer

Download the Plesk installer script using the following command:

wget https://autoinstall.plesk.com/plesk-installer

Step 4: Set Execution Permissions

Set the execution permission for the installer script using the following command:

sudo chmod +x plesk-installer

Step 5: Run the Plesk Installer

Execute the Plesk installer script using the following command:

sudo ./plesk-installer --web-interface

The installer will launch in your default web browser. Follow the on-screen instructions to select the components and customize your installation settings. You will need to create an administrator account during the installation process.

Step 6: Accessing the Plesk Control Panel

After the installation is complete, you can access the Plesk control panel by entering the IP address or domain name of your server followed by ":8443" in your web browser. For example, if your server's IP address is, you can access Plesk by visiting

Log in using the administrator account you created during the installation process.


Congratulations! You have successfully installed Plesk on your CentOS 7 server. You can now start managing your websites, applications, and servers with ease using the Plesk control panel.

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