How to Install OpenLDAP on Ubuntu 22.04


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Installing OpenLDAP on Ubuntu 22.04

OpenLDAP is an open-source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). It provides a centralized directory service for managing user accounts, groups, and other directory-based information.

Step 1: Update the System

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Step 2: Install OpenLDAP

sudo apt install slapd ldap-utils

Step 3: Configure OpenLDAP

During the installation, you will be prompted to set a password for the LDAP administrator. Make sure to remember this password for future use.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure slapd

Step 4: Test OpenLDAP Installation

You can use the ldapsearch command to test whether the OpenLDAP server is running properly.

ldapsearch -x -LLL -H ldap:/// -b dc=example,dc=com

Step 5: Basic OpenLDAP Configuration

5.1 Create a New LDIF File

nano base.ldif

Add the following content to the file:

dn: dc=example,dc=com
objectClass: top
objectClass: dcObject
objectClass: organization
o: Example Company
dc: example

dn: cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com
objectClass: simpleSecurityObject
objectClass: organizationalRole
userPassword: {CLEARTEXT}admin_password
cn: admin
userRole: 1

5.2 Import the LDIF File

ldapadd -x -D cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com -W -f base.ldif

Enter the admin password when prompted.

5.3 Test the New Configuration

ldapsearch -x -LLL -H ldap:/// -b dc=example,dc=com

You should see the LDAP directory structure you defined in the base.ldif file.

Step 6: Additional Configuration (Optional)

You can further configure OpenLDAP by modifying the slapd.conf file or using the cn=config method.


Congratulations! You have successfully installed and configured OpenLDAP on Ubuntu 22.04. You can now use this directory service for managing user accounts, groups, and other directory-based information in your environment.

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