How to Install Nginx on Ubuntu 20.04


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Installing Nginx on Ubuntu 20.04

Nginx is a popular open-source web server that is known for its high performance, stability, and low resource usage. It can serve static and dynamic content and is often used as a reverse proxy or load balancer.

Here are the steps to install Nginx on Ubuntu 20.04:

  1. Update the package lists for upgrades and newly available packages:
  2. sudo apt update
  3. Install Nginx:
  4. sudo apt install nginx
  5. Start Nginx service:
  6. sudo systemctl start nginx
  7. Enable Nginx to start on boot:
  8. sudo systemctl enable nginx
  9. Check the status of Nginx to ensure it is running:
  10. sudo systemctl status nginx

After completing these steps, Nginx should be successfully installed on your Ubuntu 20.04 system. You can now customize its configuration by editing the /etc/nginx/nginx.conf file and add your website configuration files to the /etc/nginx/conf.d directory.

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