How to Install MEAN Stack on Ubuntu 20.04


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Installing MEAN Stack on Ubuntu 20.04

The MEAN Stack is a full-stack JavaScript framework that consists of four main technologies: MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. It allows developers to build dynamic web applications with a consistent language across the entire stack.

Installing MongoDB

1. Open a terminal and update the package list:

sudo apt update

2. Install MongoDB using the following command:

sudo apt install mongodb

3. Start the MongoDB service:

sudo systemctl start mongodb

Installing Node.js and npm

1. Install Node.js and npm by running the following command:

sudo apt install nodejs npm

Installing Express.js

1. Create a new directory for your application and navigate into it:

mkdir myapp cd myapp

2. Initialize a new Node.js application:

npm init

3. Install Express.js:

npm install express

Installing AngularJS

1. Install AngularJS using npm:

npm install -g @angular/cli

Starting the Application

1. Create the main file for your Express.js application:

touch app.js

2. Write your Express.js application code in app.js.

3. Start the Express.js server:

node app.js

4. Navigate to your AngularJS project directory:

cd myapp

5. Create a new AngularJS project:

ng new my-angular-app

6. Navigate into the newly created AngularJS project:

cd my-angular-app

7. Start the AngularJS development server:

ng serve

Now your MEAN Stack application is running! You can access your Express.js API at http://localhost:3000 and your AngularJS application at http://localhost:4200.

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