How to Install Grafana on Ubuntu 18.04


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Installing Grafana on Ubuntu 18.04

Grafana is an open-source platform for data visualization, monitoring, and analysis. It allows you to create dashboards with graphs and alerts for various data sources including databases, cloud services, and different types of metrics. Installing Grafana on Ubuntu 18.04 is a straightforward process, and here are the steps to do it:

  1. Update the package index by running the command:
    sudo apt update
  2. Install the dependencies required by Grafana:
    sudo apt install -y adduser libfontconfig1
  3. Download the Grafana .deb package using wget:
    wget https://dl.grafana.com/oss/release/grafana_7.5.3_amd64.deb
  4. Install the downloaded package with dpkg:
    sudo dpkg -i grafana_7.5.3_amd64.deb
  5. Start the Grafana service:
    sudo systemctl start grafana-server
  6. Enable the service to start on boot:
    sudo systemctl enable grafana-server

After completing these steps, you can access Grafana by opening your web browser and navigating to http://localhost:3000. The default username and password are both set to "admin". It is recommended to change the password after logging in for the first time.

Grafana provides a user-friendly interface for creating and customizing dashboards, managing data sources, and configuring alerts. It supports a wide range of databases and other data sources, making it a versatile tool for data visualization and monitoring in various domains.

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