How to install Gogs on CentOS 8


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How to Install Gogs on CentOS 8

Gogs is a self-hosted Git service that provides a lightweight and easy-to-use solution for managing Git repositories. It is written in Go and is designed to be flexible, secure, and fast. With Gogs, you can set up your own Git server to store and collaborate on your code.

To install Gogs on CentOS 8, follow these steps:

  1. Update the system:
        sudo dnf update -y
  1. Install required dependencies:
        sudo dnf install -y git go
  1. Create a new user for Gogs:
        sudo adduser --system --shell /bin/bash --comment 'Gogs Git User' --home-dir /home/git/git git
  1. Switch to the Git user:
        sudo su - git
  1. Download and install Gogs:
        go get -u -tags "cert" github.com/gogs/[email protected]
  1. Configure Gogs:
        cd ~/go/src/github.com/gogs/gogs
cp custom/conf/app.ini{.sample,}

Edit the app.ini file to configure Gogs. You can define settings such as the database connection, server settings, and email settings.

  1. Build Gogs:
        go build
  1. Exit the Git user:
  1. Create a systemd service file for Gogs:
        sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/gogs.service

Copy and paste the following contents into the file:

#After=mariadb.service mysqld.service postgresql.service memcached.service redis.service

#Modify User and Group here if you have different setup
#Either "git" or your custom created user should own the clone
# Modify to the Gogs installation path

# Ensure the log directory exists

ExecStart=/home/git/go/src/github.com/gogs/gogs/gogs web
Environment=USER=git HOME=/home/git

# Some distributions may not support these hardening directives. If you cannot start the service due
# to an unknown option, comment out the ones not supported by your version of systemd.

  1. Reload systemd service files:
        sudo systemctl daemon-reload
  1. Enable and start the Gogs service:
        sudo systemctl enable --now gogs
  1. Access Gogs in your web browser:

You should now see the Gogs installation page where you can set up your administrator account and configure the initial settings.

Gogs is now installed and ready for use. You can create and manage your repositories through the Gogs web interface or by using Git commands.

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