How to Install GlusterFS on Ubuntu 20.04


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Installing GlusterFS on Ubuntu 20.04

GlusterFS is an open-source distributed file system that provides scalable, high-performance network storage. It allows you to create a virtual cluster of multiple storage servers and provide a unified view of the data stored across these servers. GlusterFS is built to handle large capacities and supports parallel data access, making it suitable for various use cases such as media streaming, cloud computing, and data analytics.

Step 1: Update System Packages

Before installing GlusterFS, it's recommended to update the system packages to their latest versions. Open a terminal and run the following commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Step 2: Install GlusterFS

To install GlusterFS on Ubuntu 20.04, you can use the apt package manager. Run the following command to install the GlusterFS server and client packages:

sudo apt install glusterfs-server glusterfs-client

Step 3: Configure GlusterFS

Once the installation is complete, you need to configure GlusterFS. Start by enabling and starting the GlusterFS server service:

sudo systemctl enable --now glusterd

Next, you can create a GlusterFS storage volume. A storage volume is a logical collection of disks that can be used for storing and accessing files. Run the following command to create a storage volume with the name "myvolume" using two server nodes (replace "server1" and "server2" with the actual hostnames or IP addresses of your servers):

sudo gluster volume create myvolume replica 2 server1:/glusterfs/data server2:/glusterfs/data

After creating the volume, start it using the following command:

sudo gluster volume start myvolume

Step 4: Mount GlusterFS Volume

Once the GlusterFS volume is created and started, you can mount it on the client machines to access and use the shared storage. Create a directory where you want to mount the GlusterFS volume, for example:

sudo mkdir /mnt/glusterfs

Then, mount the GlusterFS volume using the mount command:

sudo mount -t glusterfs server1:/myvolume /mnt/glusterfs

Replace "server1" with the hostname or IP address of the server where the GlusterFS volume is created. The mounted GlusterFS volume will now be accessible at the specified mount point ("/mnt/glusterfs" in this example).


Congratulations! You have successfully installed and configured GlusterFS on Ubuntu 20.04. You can now start using GlusterFS to create distributed storage solutions for your applications.

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