How to Install Amanda on Ubuntu 20.04?


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Installing Amanda on Ubuntu 20.04

Amanda, short for "Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver", is an open-source backup solution for Linux and Unix-like operating systems. It allows you to efficiently backup and restore data from multiple machines in a networked environment.

Installation Process

To install Amanda on Ubuntu 20.04, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open a terminal on your Ubuntu 20.04 system.
  2. Update the package list by running the following command:
$ sudo apt update
  1. Install the Amanda package by running the following command:
$ sudo apt install amanda-server amanda-client
  1. During the installation, you will be prompted to configure Amanda. Choose the appropriate options based on your setup and backup requirements.
  2. Once the installation is complete, configure Amanda by editing the main configuration file /etc/amanda/amanda.conf and any necessary client configuration files located in /etc/amanda/client. You can customize backup schedules, storage locations, and other settings according to your needs.
  3. After making the necessary changes, save the configuration files and restart the Amanda services:
$ sudo systemctl restart amanda-server

Congratulations! You have successfully installed and configured Amanda on Ubuntu 20.04.


Amanda is a powerful backup solution that provides flexibility and convenience for managing backups in a networked environment. By following the installation process outlined above, you can easily set up Amanda on your Ubuntu 20.04 system to ensure the safety and integrity of your data.

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